: Low Energy, Sleeplessness/Insomnia

Do you feel Blah?

Improve your overall sense of well-being! Designed to work with your body's systems to enhance well-being, Km® is a combination of 14 botanicals, brought together in a delicate balance, resulting in an overall body tonic. Km is an all-botanical, potassium-rich, mineral supplement designed to improve your health.

Km contains the following 14 botanicals:

Km has been designed to fit into all lifestyles! Now you can increase your energy level, sleep better, improve your sense of well-being and support your weight management goals. In fact, Km may be beneficial for cardiovascular health because it's rich in potassium. People who have diets rich in potassium can decrease their chances of having a stroke. Why wait, take charge of your health today, take Km!

Take 1 ounce per day, or as needed. Km can be mixed with your favorite juice, cold drink, ice tea, or milk. Km is should not be mix with hot drinks. Shake bottle well before using. Km can be kept at room temperature, however, some people feel refrigeration improves taste.

Two tablespoons of Km contain 585 mg of potassium, 65.7mg of calcium and.036mg Iodine.

Categories: Nutrition, Weight Management, Cardiovascular System


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